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Spy drone at Vikings football game?

Looks like security agents were out in full force during the Vikings-Packers game last week at the Metrodome in Minnesota. Attorney Nathan M. Hansen took photographs of a spy drone and the TSA VIPR agents seen below. Why was a surveillance drone sent up to watch football fans? I am in favor of tight security at sporting events because I think it’s just a matter of time before terrorists successfully strike one. That being said, I think the use of spy drones is a bit creepy. 

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

More on the story here.

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America isn’t the only country with drones

I think the general public might be a bit naive when they think of our mighty military. We might be able to kick some serious ass, we aren’t the only ones harnessing some dangerous technology. Today, more than 50 countries are using or developing unmanned aerial vehicles, or “Drones.” Here are a couple that make me nervous. See a more complete list here. (via Wired)

China’s Pterodactyl I

Iran’s Swallow

Iran's Swallow comes equipped with a high explosive warhead. Can they fly to the U.S.?