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Well China, you tried.

Tourist shop in Beijing. 


Red, White, or Cobra?

snake wine

From Global Times:

The Year of the Snake has proved unlucky for one woman in northern China who received hospital treatment after opening a bottle of wine containing a snake that suddenly jumped out and bit her hand.

The surprise attack occurred after the woman surnamed Liu from Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang Province decided to add more alcohol to the bottle when the snake, which she had bought live in June and since kept pickled in spirits, pulled a Jesus and sprung to life, dbw.cn reported on September 3.

Liu received treatment at a local hospital for inflammation, explaining she drank snake wine regularly to cure her rheumatism. Alcohols containing preserved snakes boasting medicinal properties are common in China.


Chinese people now wearing a face bikini to protect faces form sun

The people of China are not known for their fashion forward sense, and the Face-Kini is as good an example as any.

Chinese people now wearing a face bikini to protect faces form sun

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

In China, it’s the height of the tourist season for Qingdao’s famed beaches. But while many of the town’s visitors want to enjoy the sand and water, they’re not so wild about sunbathing. So they often resort to a local tradition: the face-kini, a sort of light cloth version of a ski mask.  More on this story…

It’s giving me daymares. I’ll stick to more traditional forms of sun protection.

Girl swallowed by pavement in China

A cab driver comes to the rescue of a young girl after she falls into a sinkhole under a pavement in the city of Xi’an in northern China.

The 10 most disgusting foods

Here is a list some consider to be the 10 most disgusting “foods.” Many citizens of poorer countries are forced to eat whatever they can get their hands on. However, when it comes to gross foods, not all are born from utter necessity. You’d be amazed to learn what disgusting things many people eat by choice. And, while some foods can be identified as gross with a simple glance, others aren’t as easily spotted until you learn about their ingredients.

Do you ever notice how all these foods seem to originate in countries outside the U.S.? Many consider eating things like horse meat or cow tongue a delicatessen, yet we as American’s think it’s disgusting. It got me wondering about what foods might we eat that people in other parts of the world consider nasty? Any ideas?

Sometimes referred to as ‘maggot cheese’, casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese made from goat’s milk. But what makes this food so disgusting is the way it’s prepared. Early in the fermenting process, the larvae of cheese flies are introduced. Over a period of weeks, the larvae hatch and begin feeding. As the cheese’s fats are broken down, a special flavor is produced which many consider to be delicious. When the time comes for human consumption, many people meticulously remove the maggots. However, some leave them in, believing that they add an extra flavorful punch.

If someone placed balut on your plate, you might think they were serving you a hardboiled egg. That is, until you cracked it open and a fully intact duck embryo spilled out. Balut, considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, is produced when fertilized duck eggs are placed in warm sunlight. After about eight days, the eggs are held up to the light and checked to ensure that the budding embryo is ready. Then, the eggs are cooked and served with a dash of salt and a few squirts of lemon juice.

This delightful dish is considered weird even in the few Asian countries where it’s eaten. First, a live bat is forced into a vat of boiling milk. Then, once it has reached optimum malleability, the bat is sliced into fine bits, mixed with various herbs and spices and mashed into a pulpy paste.

In China, many people consider hasma dessert the perfect punctuation to a great meal. This disgusting dish is basically the fallopian tubes of frogs. Sold in a dried shrunken form, these amphibious reproductive organs are able to swell up to 10 to 15 times their dehydrated size once they are rehydrated with water. Afterward, a bit of sugar is added to give them that special sweetness most people desire from a dessert.

Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-ten-grossest-foods.php
Books about strange foods.

Never drop a match down a manhole

Something goes horribly wrong when a father of young children to light a firecracker in a manhole cover in Xiangtan, China. Can’t tell if this video is fake or not. What do you think?

America isn’t the only country with drones

I think the general public might be a bit naive when they think of our mighty military. We might be able to kick some serious ass, we aren’t the only ones harnessing some dangerous technology. Today, more than 50 countries are using or developing unmanned aerial vehicles, or “Drones.” Here are a couple that make me nervous. See a more complete list here. (via Wired)

China’s Pterodactyl I

Iran’s Swallow

Iran's Swallow comes equipped with a high explosive warhead. Can they fly to the U.S.?