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A photo for those who think their job sucks

It could be worse.


Spy drone at Vikings football game?

Looks like security agents were out in full force during the Vikings-Packers game last week at the Metrodome in Minnesota. Attorney Nathan M. Hansen took photographs of a spy drone and the TSA VIPR agents seen below. Why was a surveillance drone sent up to watch football fans? I am in favor of tight security at sporting events because I think it’s just a matter of time before terrorists successfully strike one. That being said, I think the use of spy drones is a bit creepy. 

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen - @nathanmhansen

Source: Nathan Hansen – @nathanmhansen

More on the story here.

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Must have fashions for the conspiracy theorist
Drone or mosquito?
Black helicopters in Minneapolis?

The idiocy of airport security

airport security comic

TSA collects $400,000 in loose change annually

TSA collects $400,000 in loose change annuallyThe Transportation Security Administration says they’ve collected about $400,000 in abandoned change from passengers emptying their pockets through security checkpoints.

Unclaimed money is documented and turned into the TSA financial office. The airport receiving the most change from the TSA was New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport whose passengers in 2010 abandoned $46,918.06.

This puts my change jar to shame.
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Behind-the-Scenes: Your Bag’s Journey On Delta

Cool video from the POV of a checked bag on a Delta flight. Watch the journey here. Pretty fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the process works.

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