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Jim Sandridge let’s his congregation have it

On May 19th, 2013, Jim Sandridge stood in the pulpit of Immanuel Baptist Church of Skiatook and did this.

I’m all for holding people accountable in the church, but sheesh!

Your thoughts?

Other amusing church clips can be seen here.

How I felt when we got a day off from school as a kid

elementary school

This is actually from the documentary Jesus Camp. Kids praying to God and speaking in tongues. It’s pretty terrifying. Here’s the scene.


14 year-old kid asks us to deny the existence of the holy spirit

Watch a video of a blasphemous 14 year-old explain why ‘religion is bullsh*t’ and challenge us all to deny the Holy Spirit. Warning: The kid has a foul mouth.

(via YouTube)

The Day Metallica Came to Church

John Van Sloten is a pastor at New Hope Church in Calgary.

John Van Sloten is a pastor at New Hope Church in Calgary.

What does the music of Metallica have to do with God? According to author and pastor John Van Sloten, a lot. God can speak through their music – if we’re listening, he says. Van Sloten has built a church around the band’s music and lyrics and shows us first hand how God uses many things (including heavy metal music) to call his children home. In fact, Van Sloten shows how God can speak to us through anything and everything – heavy metal music, R-rated films, sports, and even the latest fashions. If you’re listening, his book The Day Metallica Came to Church might just change the way you hear God’s voice – and how you live in today’s world.

You can read the first chapter for free by clicking here. I recommend it. You can buy it here.

The Day Metallica Came to Church

An interview with the guy that is positive the rapture will happen this Saturday

Harold Camping

Harold Camping

Harold Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio, a California-based religious broadcasting network that spans more than 150 outlets in the United States. He is convinced that the rapture will occur this Saturday (May 21st), and that the world will be destroyed by October.

He predicted this before in 1994, but admits he was mistaken back then with his calculations.

Here is a written interview with Camping explaining his reasoning and belief in May 21st being judgement day.

If you believe his prediction is correct, you may want to get right before you get left.

You may also want to have an atheist care for your pets when they get left behind.

All of you skeptics can continue to read Duck Duck Gray Duck on 5/22.

Lent explained through the music of Sting


Is there a little black spot on your head today? Then you probably know what Lent is. If you aren’t Catholic and don’t really understand Lent, here is a music video that uses the music of Sting’s “King of Pain to help explain.

Books about Lent