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An interview with the guy that is positive the rapture will happen this Saturday

Harold Camping

Harold Camping

Harold Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio, a California-based religious broadcasting network that spans more than 150 outlets in the United States. He is convinced that the rapture will occur this Saturday (May 21st), and that the world will be destroyed by October.

He predicted this before in 1994, but admits he was mistaken back then with his calculations.

Here is a written interview with Camping explaining his reasoning and belief in May 21st being judgement day.

If you believe his prediction is correct, you may want to get right before you get left.

You may also want to have an atheist care for your pets when they get left behind.

All of you skeptics can continue to read Duck Duck Gray Duck on 5/22.

If you get raptured, what happens to your pets?

Nearly 40 million people in the U.S. believe there will be a Second Coming in their lifetime, followed by the Rapture. It is said that during this time, the righteous will be spirited away to a better place while the unbelievers remain on Earth. Since the Bible isn’t clear on what happens to our furry little friends, you can now at least have peace of mind that they can be cared for. That is, if you don’t mind they are looked after by (gasp!) atheists.

This is not a joke. An organization exists that recruits non-Christian animal lovers nationwide to volunteer to take care of left-behind pets if the Rapture occurs. You pay a $10 monthly fee to keep your membership and register all your pets.

Geez, I hope they’ll take an unpredictable Ferret with a bad disposition.

Learn more here: http://aftertherapturepetcare.com