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How tripping on one step can really backfire

Funny GIF of someone falling down a flight of stairs.

Better get some better footwear


Mechanical Bull

A solid 5.5 on The Richter scale.
mechanical bull


Loved this movie.

Watch woman lose $100 at the movie theater

Here is what I think about your parking lot gate

Woman on a mobility scooter pays no mind to a toll gate.

toll gate

Playground Warning

Be careful who you climb on the equipment with.

Playground Warning

Free as a bird

Group gathers to free a bird back in to the wild. What happens seconds later is kinda hilarious. 

free as a bird

Sleep Dogging

Oh no! This guy seemed to go after it so naturally.

sleeping hot dog gif

Speed bag KO

And down goes Timmy!

speed bag knock out


Hand prank

Hand experiment