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What a prank should look like


When your friends prank you going through airport security

Friends slip some contraband in their buddy’s bag. And by contraband, I mean a dildo.

Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

You can do these too. Go buy an air horn here.

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Ford pranks unsuspecting drivers at a car wash

Ford pranks drivers with some good clean fun for Halloween with a haunted car wash. I would probably need some interior detailing done after going through this.

Chainsaw massacre prank almost too real to be called a prank

Chainsaw Massacre Prank

I am convinced that someone may need some therapy or heavy drinking to erase the terror inflicted on this elaborate “prank.” It has received 27 million views so far.

This is a must watch Alien Abduction Prank

A couple of guys get pretty elaborate in a prank on their buddy. His reaction after being woken up honestly made me wonder if he would surviveĀ the joke.

Here are someĀ Alien Abduction stories that will creep you out.

Guy dressed as vampire pranks random people on the street at night

Youtube prankster Ed Bassmaster hits the streets of Philly and terrorizes people.

Buy vampire make-up here.

Czech Guy Pranks His Friend Hardcore

This paranormal ghost prank may require some long-term therapy.

Other prank stuff

Dressed as a bear prank

While visiting his friends The Dudesons in Helsnki, Finland, Youtube prankster Roman Atwood scares random people, with a man dressed as a pretty realistically-looking bear.

Pretending to be Macklemore

Andrew Hales of LAHWF, who apparently looks a bit like Macklemore when dressed accordingly, showed up in character at the rapper’s concert last Saturday at the Maverik Center, in West Valley City, Utah.