Street Gang Signs and Symbols

Know and identify the dirtbags in your neighborhood with this gang identification system.

Crips signs and symbolsVice Lord Crips signs and symbolsSureños Crips signs and symbolsLatin Kings signs and symbolsGangster Disciples signs and symbolsBloodz Gang info

Minneapolis gangs? Here’s what I know.
The Surenos 13 hang out on the Southside of Mpls
The Vatos Locos and Latin Kings hang out in NE Mpls
The Emerson Murder Boys, Tre 4 Crips, Tre Tre Crips, 19 Block Dip Set, and the Lowry/Lyndale Boys have all staked their claims on various parts of North Minneapolis.

St. Paul gangs?
The Purple Boys, Royal Cambodian Bloods (RCB), Gangsta Diciples, Vice Lords, Latin Kings. There are also some more local gangs over by Selby (East Side Boys and Selby Siders) and a bunch others such as The Lowertown Gangsters, Get Money Boys, Lawson Boys, Grown Man Click, Get Money Girls, and 5th and Minnesota Boys.

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