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The Truth Is Out There

Fox Mulder has a theory about our first steps on the moon.

aliens moon

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Do you read me?

Do you read me?

This is a must watch Alien Abduction Prank

A couple of guys get pretty elaborate in a prank on their buddy. His reaction after being woken up honestly made me wonder if he would survive the joke.

Here are some Alien Abduction stories that will creep you out.

They’re here

This door would have a gallon of paint over it so fast.

alien woodgrain

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UFO filmed from airplane

From the Daily Mail:

A mysterious round white object was filmed whizzing around a passenger plane above Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on April 7.

The clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube, begins with the ‘craft’ at the bottom of the screen, keeping pace with the passenger plane.

But then it speeds up and rises in altitude before zipping off out of shot, just as the startled person filming it tries to zoom in for a closer look.

What do you think it looks like?

Area 51 exhibit to open
The Ambassador of Aliens
Sammy Hagar insists he was abducted by aliens

Must have fashions for the conspiracy theorist

Are you a conspiracy theorist or know one? Here are some great fashion gift ideas you could send them in a plain unsuspecting brown package with no return address. Oh, and use these fake rubber postal stamps all over the packaging. 

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The Ambassador of Aliens

After a sighting of alien life forms in the 90s, Jody Pendarvis built a giant 30-foot UFO in his front yard as a place to welcome aliens when they return. His story is a combination of childlike curiosity, crazy, and sad all rolled into one. If there is alien life out there that plans to visit Earth, I hope they drop in on Mr. Pendarvis first. Watch it here.

(via Mikey Livingston)