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Solid prank videos

Some prank videos that took some work, money, and imagination. Continue reading

When your friends prank you going through airport security

Friends slip some contraband in their buddy’s bag. Continue reading

Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

So funny and so easy to execute. Continue reading

Killer Clown Prank

Do not attempt. Continue reading

Grim Reaper Drone Prank

Watch video of people losing their minds as a flying grim reaper comes at them. Continue reading

Dude in yoga pants prank

“You staring at my butt dude?” Continue reading

Dressed as a bear prank

Awesome video. Continue reading

Feeding Seagulls Next to People at the Beach Prank

video Continue reading

Telekinetic coffee shop prank terrifies customers

To promote the upcoming release of the Carrie remake, a fake telekinetic event was staged in front of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop. Continue reading

Washing a bloody car prank

This video is dated, but still funny as hell. Continue reading