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What a prank should look like

Man doing something disgusting in public. Continue reading


Solid prank videos

Some prank videos that took some work, money, and imagination. Continue reading


Hand prank

Touch therapy. Continue reading


Candy Prank

Find any wrapped chocolate and do this. Continue reading


Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar of TrueStoryASA prankster team scare people on the street by making them think they shoot each other. Continue reading

Last Minute April Fool’s Prank Ideas

Here are some simple things you can do to wreak some havoc. Continue reading

Catching a fly ball prank

People freak when they think a ball is coming out of the sky to hit them. Continue reading

When your friends prank you going through airport security

Friends slip some contraband in their buddy’s bag. Continue reading

Ultimate Air Horn Prank Compilation

So funny and so easy to execute. Continue reading

Ford pranks unsuspecting drivers at a car wash

I would probably need some interior detailing done after going through this. Continue reading