The Great Boston Molasses Flood

Today in strangeness – The Great Boston Molasses Flood happened on January 15th, 1919. A large tank burst and 2.3 million gallons of molasses barreled out in a 30 ft. wave leaving 21 dead and 150 injured. Witnesses stated that as it collapsed, there was a loud rumbling sound, like a machine gun as the rivets shot out of the tank, and that the ground shook as if a train were passing by. Holy nightmare.

Some residents claim that on a hot summer day the area still smells of molasses.

Considering the phrase “slow as molasses,” how could these people not outrun the seeping spill?

molasses spill

Panorama of the Molasses Disaster site. Source: Globe Newspaper Co.

Damage to the Boston Elevated Railway due to the flood

Damage to the Boston Elevated Railway due to the flood

Books: Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, by Stephen Puleo.
More books about the flood.


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  1. I knew about this and have seen some photos but still, thanks for putting this out there. If your interested in more events that border on the strange, check my blog out and be on the look out for my upcoming book. Its soon headed to my agent.