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Did I mention that Mississippi ranks 48th in the country in education?

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OfficeMax sends mail addressed to ‘Daughter Killed in Car Crash’


Mike Seay, a grieving dad in Lindenhurst, Ill., got junk mail from OfficeMax addressed to “Mike Seay, Daughter Killed In Car Crash, or Current Business.” Seay, whose 17-year-old daughter died in a car wreck last year has been traumatized by her death and probably wants to know how the F*** they got this info and why it wound up on a mailing piece. OfficeMax of course is blaming their mailing list provider. Way to go idiots. [full story]

Ashley Seay

Ashley Seay via obits.dignitymemorial.com

Poop Tarts



FOX 9 Morning News reporter faceplants hard on the ice

M.A. Rosko from FOX 9 Morning News does a faceplant while skating on some ice during a live shot. 

Asiana Plane Crash News Story Fail

Someone at KTVU is very gullible and very unemployed now. 

Asiana Flight

Bay Area television station KTVU incorrectly reported the names of the pilots flying the ill-fated Asiana Airlines Flight 214 using racially insensitive monikers. Read more.

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How you really look

nailed it hair

Bodyguard Fail: Anthony Kiedis attacked by his own protection

red hot chili peppers

From MSN: Celebrity: “Do you know who I am?” Bodyguard: “No, and here is a choke-hold you can be in.” Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis was attacked by a bodyguard in Philly this weekend, who was concerned he was a creepy fan of … the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The muscle in the suit was clearly paranoid about “fans” penetrating the Four Seasons Hotel, whose guests included the Peppers and the Rolling Stones. Bystanders shouted “That’s the lead singer!” — but better safe than sorry, right? HELLO?!?!

Here’s the video:

This bodyguard won’t be working for the secret service anytime soon.

Tough Guy Grammar Fail

Commas can change everything.

Tough Guy Fail

Top 10 misused English words
Suspicious Quotation Marks

At the grocery store

Man has unfortunate produce space management skills.

Grocery Shopping

Shopping Fail