Minnesota team wins Red Bull’s Creation event

Red Bull’s annual Creation event┬áinvolved 16 teams from across the country who came together for three days of high stakes innovation with the city as their playground. A secret warehouse in Brooklyn full of tools, materials and hardware hackers were given the task of building a creation designed to move the weight of a person (100lbs) from point A to point B without using any fossil fuels. They had 3 days. The winning team is named 1.21 Jigawatts, and they are from Minneapolis.

They created a massive hamster wheel, wired into a mobile network, given its own phone number that could somehow receive up to 60,000 one-word text messages at a time. Once it received the text message, the hamster wheel would actually roll and perfectly print the word out along the ground. Grand prize – $5k. Pretty cool huh?

Thanks for the great pictures CoolThings.com and MaximumTech.

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