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Toilet Swirl

If drunk, I’d probably go on the floor there.

toilet swirl

Funny signs and decor for any bathroom



Minneapolis skyline by Logan Falzone

mpls gold medal flour

GIF Peanut Butter

How do you pronounce GIF? Well, people from Jif and Giphy have teamed up to release a special edition jar of peanut butter to help teach the world how to say it correctly.

gif jif buy

Apparently, you can now buy a Special Edition Jar of GIF peanut butter on Amazon (affiliate link)if there are any left available.


“Snow Predicted” Oil on canvas

Art for people that live where it doesn’t typically snow.

snow predicted


Shop oil paints here on Amazon (affiliate link)

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Kitchen Hacks to Keep You Organized

Here are some genius life hacks for your kitchen that I’ll probably never get around to.


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Delightfully weird picture

So many weird things going on this picture. The artist is Jeff Lee Johnson (website).

weird picture


Driving on a steep bridge

The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan looks to have an impossible pitch that would be terrifying to drive.

Of course it is all a matter of perspective. It does have a steep slope as far as bridge standards are concerned (about 6.1%), but from the side, you can see that driving over it isn’t that big of a deal.

puente Eshima Ohashi


St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN Mickey's


We are Fallon

pat-fallon 2015

Reposted from AdWeek: The legacy of Pat Fallon in Minneapolis cannot be overstated. The founder and longtime CEO of Fallon, who died last Friday at age 70, almost singlehandedly turned Minneapolis into a nationally respected creative hub. He personally helped to launch the careers of hundreds of advertising people. And his agency’s work helped to transform the industry.

Upon hearing of Fallon’s death, Doug deGrood, a former Fallon staffer and now partner at crosstown agency GdB, got to work on a tribute ad for his former boss. He wrote a few lines of copy thanking Pat—not just on behalf of himself or GdB, but from the entire ad community of Minneapolis.

Then, he and a few others worked the phones, contacting more than 40 Twin Cities agencies asking to use their logos in the ad. You can see the resulting ad below—a full page running today (the day of Pat’s funeral) in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

It’s a fitting tribute to man who gave a whole community the belief, and the example, that they could achieve great things from their home on the prairie.

See the larger image here

Buy Pat Fallon’s classic book on advertising “Juicing the Orange” here.

Ad for Pat Fallon