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The most ridiculous phone passcode you have ever seen

It’s going to be pretty hard to convince your girl you aren’t cheating after she sees this.

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OMG I totally HATE capitalism!


Hot Christmas gift idea for the gadget geek

Hot Christmas gift idea. Hand Turbine Power Generator for USB and smartphone devices.

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The RunPee app

The RunPee app

The RunPee app is primarily here to help you enjoy your movie going experience by telling you the best times to Run and Pee without missing anything important. Available on Android and iPhone. 

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Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

My friend was recently in Dallas and went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. While outside, he snapped some photos of the Texas School Book Depository from the street. If you look closely at the window where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly assassinated President Kennedy from, there looks to be a person in the window. If you have been on this tour, you know that this corner is sealed off by glass from the public and nothing has been set in front of the window by museum staff. Notice the figure in the window appears to be wearing a white t-shirt and is crouching while looking out.

Could this be the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Note: Photos were taken on an iPhone from the North side of Elm Street and the South side of Elm Street.  This is close to where Kennedy was hit with the fatal shot(s) to the head. 

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Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

For frame of reference: 6th Floor Book Depository Building – Dallas, TX – January 8, 2012

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald? 6th Floor Book Depository Building - Dallas, TX - January 8, 2012

Look closely. Does this look like a person in the window?

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Photo shows what appears to be a man crouching in the window wearing a white t-shirt.

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Zoomed in. Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

As you can see, no one is able to enter the “shooters nest” portion of this building. It is closed off with glass. Source: JFK.org

Books about the JFK assassination here.

A real-world espionage game for your iPhone

CODERUNNER™ – A real-world espionage adventure for your iPhone. Take to the streets, guided by GPS and the voice of your handler to real locations on an undercover mission of hacking, spying, sabotage and murder. Play it anywhere in the world!

  • Create secret dead drops for other players to find
  • Make up puzzles for agents to uncover and solve
  • Missions adapt to work anywhere on Earth
  • Find codes hidden around you
  • Solve puzzles created by players near you

It’s available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99. They are testing the Android version now.

Stream live events through online video

Stream live events through online video

How many times have you been in a situation when you wanted to stream an event to someone, or a group of people? I never really thought about it before myself, but I think this is super cool and has a ton of practical applications in business and social life.

There is a new live video streaming website in town called Streamago built by Tiscali. With the help of the website you can stream any live events to your audience.

Concerts, tv shows, sporting events, parties and public or private events are all good examples of where you could use the service. Live event streaming can be done through any device with a webcam and internet connection, such as a computer, but also a mobile device, including iPhone and iPad, to name a few.

Each video event can be recorded and saved for on-demand access and sharing. You can also assign each video with your own title and description. Each Streamago user gets a free disk space of 10GB. All your videos will be catalogued under your own Channel. When it comes to sharing your video, you can easily do so by posting it on your Facebook wall to your friends.

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QR codes made easy

Quick Response (QR) codes are the latest rage in consumer marketing and mobile technology. Smartphones will soon be ubiquitous and my prediction is that these codes will be too.  

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It’s a unique and engaging way to interact with your customers or social network. Generate and place QR codes on your business cards, company brochure, packaging label, in-store sign, direct mail, bumper sticker, or even a T-shirt.

They are great for to directing viewers to a particular how-to video, let them check in your venue on Google places or Foursquare, get them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, or point them to a mobile website to get a coupon offer.

Try it out using some of these sites: http://jumpscan.com/ and http://www.likify.net and http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

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It is easier than ever to create a code for your small business, Facebook group, or even your personal brand.