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Wrinkles the Clown hides under a child’s bed

Wrinkles the Clown has been tormenting the Orlando/Naples area of FL for years now. Sightings continue to be reported and photos continue to surface. In 2013, it was captured on film hiding under a child’s trundle bed. After he makes his reveal, it places what looks like a small doll near the child before leaving. This footage was captured on a security camera by a family living in Sarasota, FL. According to the homeowner, the little girl was not harmed but the camera was broken. They have no idea how he got in or out of the house without setting off the security alarm and there was no sign of forced entry. Since the break-in, the family has moved out of state and asks to remain anonymous.

There’s a good chance that the video — if not the entire existence of Wrinkles — is fake, but giant clowns continue to be creepy and the sightings continue.

Another Wrinkles the Clown sighting in Victoria Park

Another Wrinkles the Clown sighting in Victoria Park

Caught on camera outside a bedroom window in Naples.

Caught on camera outside a bedroom window in Naples.

Caught breaking into someone's shed in FL.

Caught breaking into someone’s shed in FL.

Sailing Stones

Sailing Stones
Death Valley, located in Eastern California, USA, hosts one of the most enigmatic geological phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for decades. In Racetrack Playa are the ‘sailing stones,’ which seem to glide across the flat dry desert on their own, without human or animal intervention.

Although no one has actually seen the stones in action, their movement is evident in the long tracks on the ground they left through the years.

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via The Presurfer

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Creepy abandoned mansion

The Bennett School for Girls

Read more about the The Bennett School for Girls in Millbrook, NY here. Several attempt to redevelop the property failed in the 1980s. The plan now is for condominiums. I hope the ghosts have other plans. 😉


Telephone calls from the dead

Telephone calls from the dead

Ph.D. researcher at the University of Northampton, Cal Cooper,  has researched telephone calls from the dead and written a book about it. He’s detailed four types of phenomenal phone calls, with the first being a simple, short call from someone known to be deceased. There have also been reports of calls, either incoming or outgoing, with a deceased person where the conversation is much longer and the living person does not find out, until later, that the individual on the other line had already died. Cooper also highlights a fourth type of anomalous call where a person thinks about calling someone, but doesn’t, and then hears from their intended recipient who insists they had talked earlier in the day. (via)

Creepy stuff. Buy the book here and listen to his interview here.

A ghost in a supermarket?

CCTV footage from a supermarket in Brompton, South Australia, shows a box of Fruit Roll-Ups being flung several meters by an invisible force. They’re blaming it on man who was gunned down outside the store 14 years ago. Real or fake?

(via Blame it on the Voices)

Mysterious Noises Rattle Wisconsin

The city of Clintonville, WI has experienced unexplained booming and rattling noises the last two nights. Crews have checked for possible gas or water leaks and found nothing.

The sounds — variously described as rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers — have continued on and off since early Sunday night in just one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

The sounds were loud enough Monday morning that a CNN journalist could hear them during a cell phone interview with city officials.

Watch the news story here.

(via Ghost Theory, Coast to Coast AM, and CNN)

Increase in strange sounds in sky being recorded

Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

My friend was recently in Dallas and went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. While outside, he snapped some photos of the Texas School Book Depository from the street. If you look closely at the window where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly assassinated President Kennedy from, there looks to be a person in the window. If you have been on this tour, you know that this corner is sealed off by glass from the public and nothing has been set in front of the window by museum staff. Notice the figure in the window appears to be wearing a white t-shirt and is crouching while looking out.

Could this be the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Note: Photos were taken on an iPhone from the North side of Elm Street and the South side of Elm Street.  This is close to where Kennedy was hit with the fatal shot(s) to the head. 

Thanks for sharing Corey S.

If you repost these pictures, please source Duck Duck Gray Duck. Thank you.

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

For frame of reference: 6th Floor Book Depository Building – Dallas, TX – January 8, 2012

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald? 6th Floor Book Depository Building - Dallas, TX - January 8, 2012

Look closely. Does this look like a person in the window?

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Photo shows what appears to be a man crouching in the window wearing a white t-shirt.

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Zoomed in. Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

As you can see, no one is able to enter the “shooters nest” portion of this building. It is closed off with glass. Source: JFK.org

Books about the JFK assassination here.

Sasquatch Research

Apparently the Sasquatch Research market has been cornered.

Apparently the Sasquatch Research market has been cornered. (via The Whatever)

The Ambassador of Aliens

After a sighting of alien life forms in the 90s, Jody Pendarvis built a giant 30-foot UFO in his front yard as a place to welcome aliens when they return. His story is a combination of childlike curiosity, crazy, and sad all rolled into one. If there is alien life out there that plans to visit Earth, I hope they drop in on Mr. Pendarvis first. Watch it here.

(via Mikey Livingston)

How to make a fake ghost

Here is how you can make a fake ghost and freak out friends or hunting buddies. (via The META Picture)

How to make a fake ghost