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Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

My friend was recently in Dallas and went to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. While outside, he snapped some photos of the Texas School Book Depository from the street. If you look closely at the window where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly assassinated President Kennedy from, there looks to be a person in the window. If you have been on this tour, you know that this corner is sealed off by glass from the public and nothing has been set in front of the window by museum staff. Notice the figure in the window appears to be wearing a white t-shirt and is crouching while looking out.

Could this be the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Note: Photos were taken on an iPhone from the North side of Elm Street and the South side of Elm Street.  This is close to where Kennedy was hit with the fatal shot(s) to the head. 

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Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

For frame of reference: 6th Floor Book Depository Building – Dallas, TX – January 8, 2012

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald? 6th Floor Book Depository Building - Dallas, TX - January 8, 2012

Look closely. Does this look like a person in the window?

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Photo shows what appears to be a man crouching in the window wearing a white t-shirt.

Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Zoomed in. Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

As you can see, no one is able to enter the “shooters nest” portion of this building. It is closed off with glass. Source: JFK.org

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JFK assassination conspiracy stuff

It amazes me that more and more info is still coming to light regarding the 1963 JFK assassination.

Was it Oswald? Was it the CIA? Did the Warren Commission cover things up? What about the witnesses in the Book Depository? Did the fatal gunshot came from a “grassy knoll” on Dealey Plaza? I don’t have the time and energy to get into it all here, but there is a lot of great new discussion taking place on these very old questions.

Click here to dive in.

Most feel there is more to this story, and I can’t say that I blame them. If it was a slam dunk case with one shooter (Lee Harvey Oswald), then why did the Government decide to seal the assassination records for 75 years (to 2039)?

No wonder conspiracy theories abound.

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