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‘Terminator’ style glasses from Google

google glass

Source: Google

Google released some details Wednesday about a Project Glass initiative that is pretty amazing. These ‘Terminator 2′-style Google goggles use GPS technology, Google maps and voice recognition software to keep you hands free and completely connected to the internet as long as you wear them. The technology isn’t yet available to the public.

Type n Walk

Type n Walk is a new iPhone app that lets you see what’s in front of you while typing and walking. Maybe now, falling while texting like this won’t happen on live television.


A real-world espionage game for your iPhone

CODERUNNER™ – A real-world espionage adventure for your iPhone. Take to the streets, guided by GPS and the voice of your handler to real locations on an undercover mission of hacking, spying, sabotage and murder. Play it anywhere in the world!

  • Create secret dead drops for other players to find
  • Make up puzzles for agents to uncover and solve
  • Missions adapt to work anywhere on Earth
  • Find codes hidden around you
  • Solve puzzles created by players near you

It’s available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99. They are testing the Android version now.