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Stream live events through online video

Stream live events through online video

How many times have you been in a situation when you wanted to stream an event to someone, or a group of people? I never really thought about it before myself, but I think this is super cool and has a ton of practical applications in business and social life.

There is a new live video streaming website in town called Streamago built by Tiscali. With the help of the website you can stream any live events to your audience.

Concerts, tv shows, sporting events, parties and public or private events are all good examples of where you could use the service. Live event streaming can be done through any device with a webcam and internet connection, such as a computer, but also a mobile device, including iPhone and iPad, to name a few.

Each video event can be recorded and saved for on-demand access and sharing. You can also assign each video with your own title and description. Each Streamago user gets a free disk space of 10GB. All your videos will be catalogued under your own Channel. When it comes to sharing your video, you can easily do so by posting it on your Facebook wall to your friends.

(via Today I Learned)