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Hans Solo season has begun

Hans Solo season has begun


Well China, you tried.

Tourist shop in Beijing. 



home MN

Minnesota Home T-shirt by Home State Apparel

Tent Jacket


Here is a cool new product for all of you outdoorsy and survival types. Introducing the tent jacket. It is the first all-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag. It’s called the JakPak Jacket Sleeping Bag Tent.

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Product Features

  • Rip-stop
  • Waterproof rip-stop nylon on back for laying on wet ground and breathable on front for comfort.
  • Tent and sleeping bag are detachable.
  • Interior pocket is waterproof.
  • Integrated elastic suspenders help distribute shelter and sleeping bag weight evenly.
  • Roomy fit allows winter clothes inside the bag and jacket.

Buy it here.

One man’s garbage is another man’s shoes

Necessity breeds innovation.


The only jacket I ever wanted as an 80s child

This is the only jacket I ever wanted to own as a boy during the 1980s. I never did convince my mother to buy me one. I wonder what they cost back then?


For his 1982 teen gang video “Beat It,” the Jackson picked a casually cool outfit that would inspire millions to wear zipper-accented red leather jackets in a decade-defining look for the ’80s. I guess Amazon sells this jacket for adults and kids. 

(via Retronaut and People )

The Netflix of baby clothes


Plum is a service that offers boutique baby clothes in the sizes you need as a monthly subscription-like service. All you do is send the clothes back when they get too small, and they’ll resend you some new clothes in the sizes you need. Think of them as the Netflix of baby clothes. Plans start at $16 per month. Visit www.plumgear.com to learn more. If you are using this already and want to share your thoughts, please share with us below.

Frequency of Men Wearing the Same Shirt

Everything changes when a girl comments on your shirt in any way. It’s true. I wear (or don’t wear) shirts with my wife in mind all of the time.

guys and their shirts
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