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Fall in Minnesota

Fall in Minnesota by Alphonsote

Fall in Minnesota by Alphonsote


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Meanwhile, in Minnesota

Happy First Day of Spring

Cold Spring Minn police officer killed in ambush

Cold Spring Minn police patch

It’s a sad day in Minnesota. Officer Tom Decker, age 31, of the Cold Spring, MN police force died late Thursday after being shot in the face by a suicidal dirt bag. Full story here.

Officer Tom Decker

Officer Tom Decker

Ryan Larson

Ryan Larson is the shooting suspect. Photo: Stearns County jail


Near dawn, a parade of police cars escorted Decker’s body to the Ramsey County medical examiner’s office. They rolled with flashing lights down Interstate 35E.

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Minnesota Gophers RB hit hard during football game

Minnesota RB Donnell Kirkwood takes a huge hit that knocks off the decal on his helmet! I never knew it was a decal.

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Military “training exercise” has town on edge

Excerpt from: This is odd and a bit suspicious to me. This is a photo showing fully armed U.S. National Guard troops patrolling a quiet residential street in Crookston, Minnesota. This underscores concerns that Americans are being conditioned to accept the gradual imposition of martial law.

Although the photo is undated, Guard troops from the local Crookston Armory routinely take part in off-base exercises which train the local population to accept the sight of armed soldiers patrolling their neighborhoods as normal.

One such exercise in February 2011 dubbed “Urban Operations Training” involved military Humvees and 27 armed soldiers conducting a drill around the Bridge Street area of Crookston.

According to “Maggie,” the woman who took the photograph, when she started taking pictures of the troops one of them told her, “Just training Ma’am. Joining up with another patrol at the rally point.”

When Maggie asked why they were training on the streets of a quiet residential area, a younger soldier responded, “To be honest ma’am, I don’t know.”

Members of the same Guard unit shown on the photograph – Minnesota National Guard, Unit 2-136 CAB / B Company – have been deployed to Iraq where their duties would potentially have included rounding up alleged insurgents and taking them to prison camps, a frightening prospect given that the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act allows for American citizens to be similarly kidnapped and detained without trial.

“Minnesota nice” defined

A Dairy Queen in MN teaches us what people mean when they say “Minnesota Nice.” Oh, fer Pete’s sake…
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Now I have to try to explain to my mother what a Hipster is

Minnesota 'Most Hipster State in the U.S.'Minnesota was just declared the ‘Most Hipster State in the U.S.’ Here’s why:

Our obsessive bike culture
Our thriving music scene/legacy
Our love of lumberjack chic/flannel
Our abundant farmers’ markets
Our thriving theater scene

BuzzFeed conducted the study based on “research” they have gathered.

Thanks BuzzFeed. Now I have to try to explain to my mother what a Hipster is.

My thoughts on the winning criteria:
Bicycle enthusiasts in this state are a pain in the ass.
The local music scene here is has sucked since about 1998. I’m sorry Tapes ‘n Tapes, you’re just not that good.
Flannel is practical here; not a fashion statement. Paul Bunyan is not interested in going green. He destroys trees for a living!
Farmers markets are money-making machines that do nothing for the environment. Do you know what your grandparents called organic food? They called it “food.”
Since when are rich people at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater hipsters?