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Guess what Al Capone’s brother did for work

Al Capone may be known for dealing in illegal booze and organized crime, but his brother Vincent Capone was a cop in Homer, Nebraska. Apparently he was a really good at his job too. His backstory is pretty interesting if you have some time. Read more here.

Richard James Hart Richard James Hart

Books about Al Capone and his family can be found here.

Prince has a new look and a new song

Prince 2012

Prince has a new look and a new song and album, and both fall squarely under the category of old school. He showed them off on ABC’s The View this morning. Watch.


A new Prince song titled “RnR Affair” (“Rock & Roll Love Affair” ) is a throw-back poppy track that is reminiscent of the old stuff we loved from our beloved Minnesota music export. Listen to it below.

Prince is also rumored to be dating his new young protégé Andy Allo. Allo’s new album was executive produced by Prince and features three songs he co-wrote.

andy allo

Buy Prince music here.

Jumping rope at extreme heights

Jumping rope at extreme heights

Jumping rope at extreme heights

Jumping rope at extreme heights

See more pictures of this insanity here.

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Food Police Blotter

Source: AP

The food police are out in full effect doing everything they can to shove their agenda down our throats. The latest example of this comes from the city I grew up in – Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Public Schools have removed chocolate milk from the lunchroom menu saying that it is making our children fat. Desserts have been off the menu since 2006. The chocolate milk kids drink at school may very well be the only calcium they get. Think about it.

It doesn’t stop here though. Some schools in Chicago think they know what diet is best for your child and have banned bag lunches from home.

Source: Deviant Art

The attack on McDonald’s continues too. The watchdog group called Corporate Accountability International argue that the iconic Ronald McDonald is to fast food and obesity what Joe Camel was to cigarettes and smoking-related health issues. The food police want him banned. McDonald’s is doing a half-hearted job defending him though. You won’t find him on their website or featured in any ads.

And let us not forget how San Francisco banned the Happy Meal toy unless the meal met certain nutritional standards. TIME had the nerve to ask if the crack down on McDonald’s went far enough.

What your favorite classic rock band says about you

You know you have been into a couple of these bands before. Admit it. Well here is what John Peck says these bands say about you. Here are some of my favorites.

Jimi Hendrix: You are under 20 or over 65.

Chicago: You are incapable of talking about Chicago without mentioning their horn section.

Foreigner: You have a severely wrinkled Jane Fonda poster under your bed.

Styx: You have a severely wrinkled Foreigner poster under your bed.

Journey: You own those running shoes that are shaped like feet.

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