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Guess what Al Capone’s brother did for work

Al Capone may be known for dealing in illegal booze and organized crime, but his brother Vincent Capone was a cop in Homer, Nebraska. Apparently he was a really good at his job too. His backstory is pretty interesting if you have some time. Read more here.

Richard James Hart Richard James Hart

Books about Al Capone and his family can be found here.


Guitarist for band Starship dies

Guitarist for band Starship dies

Remember the band Starship? Well, their lead guitarist died of a heart attack after a show in Norfolk, Nebraska where apparently their music is alive and well. 46 year-old guitarist Mark Abrahamian was talking with his fiancée on the phone when he collapsed.

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They had 3 songs worth noting. Buy them here.

I didn’t realize the music video for “Sara” prominently features actress Rebecca De Mornay.