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Video for new Parkour video game Dying Light

To promote the highly-anticipated action survival video game Dying Light, parkour and freerunning production company Ampisound has created a POV parkour video, in which the protagonist is being chased by zombies on the rooftops in Camvridge, UK.

Buy Dying light here.

DayZ: A game so realistic, it will leave you emotionally scarred


I am not a gamer and for that reason, usually don’t post about this subject. However, this FastCo article about “DayZ” has left me wishing I had the time and skills to be a gamer.

From the article.

DayZ‘s use of permadeath–meaning that players have only one life in the game and lose everything if they are killed–as well as a scarcity of survival resources, and a kill-or-be-killed relationship with other players, who often need your supplies to stay alive themselves. There are also zombies.

The DayZ section of Reddit is an endless rabbit hole of emotional accounts of playing the game. One player describes his overwhelming sense of justice after having killed and pillaged another character who shouted a racial epithet; another writes about being “emotionally scarred” after the “whirlwind of chaos, sorrow, and show of true love” that he experienced when he was mortally wounded and a friend exacted instant, furious revenge on the attacker. And about the more mundane ways the game invades the psyche, another player writes, “I spent hours [in the game] looking for a canteen or a water bottle and never found one. Today, when I went to work, someone had left an empty water bottle on the desk. It was like finding $20 on the ground. Split second of pure joy.”

CARGO – Short film about a dad who saves his baby daughter

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

I don’t care if you like zombie stuff or not. If you are a parent, you will appreciate this.

Not crying, I just have really bad allergies.

Some prankster changed some road signs in S.C. to read “Zombies Ahead.”
Every time Apple releases something new
Miami Zombie Attack Prank
Zombie Pantyhose

World War Z – Official Trailer (HD)

World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, is an adaptation of a beloved book by Max Brooks (son of Mel) with the same title. We have been waiting a long time for this movie. It has had some major production delays and issues, but the wait looks to be worth it. World War Z comes out next June.

Are these the fastest zombies ever?

Buy the book or movie World War Z here.

They better not be that good

Not the name I’d use for a funeral home (unless I specialized in zombies).

 funeral home

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The Walking Dead Meets Mad Magazine

The December issue of Mad Magazine features Alfred E. Neuman being attacked by zombies from The Walking Dead. (via /Film)

The Walking Dead Meets Mad Magazine

I like turtles

If your kid ever answers a question like this, you may want to get them checked out by a physician. Still funny after all of these years. Over 30 million views. Wow!

Daddy, are ghosts real?

Are ghosts real?