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A video of guardian angels at work

motorcycle crash gif


Holiday Fashion

Holiday Fashion

Banana Recall

Hurry home and set all of your bananas on fire.

banana spider

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A horrific story about what this woman’s Gynecologist found inside

cat gif

Not sure how to start, so I’ll just come out and say it. A woman went to her lady parts doctor and they found a mass of cat hair inside her baby maker.

In an essay for xoJane titled It Happened to Me: My Gynecologist Found a Ball of Cat Hair in My Vagina, a very brave woman explained how this happened.

I have no idea what to say, so I’ll just leave the link here for you who are curious. I kinda feel like maybe she isn’t telling the whole story. That is equally disturbing since you don’t want your imagination to run wild with theories.

I’m a guy, so I also go to  learn what a Diva Cup Girl is too. Thank you internet!!

Jesus help me…


Oh snap!

Just walk it off buddy. It doesn’t look too bad. Shesh!

skateboard injury

[via Echtlustig]

Skateboarder comes dangerously close to being struck by car. Continue reading

Skateboarding stunt gone wrong Continue reading

Cool skateboard designs

Winner by obliteration

Izu Ugonoh Knocks Out Will Quarrie in this brutal boxing match. Looks like he ruined a plate of someone’s chicken alfredo too.

More clips of people being knocked out.

Playing chicken with a train

When you are about to end it all and then learn about a new flavor of Doritos coming out.



Base Jump gone horribly wrong

Watch in real time, then watch in slow motion.

The jumper is lucky to be alive. He sustained the following injuries from this jump:

-Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra
-5 stitches to the eye
-6 stitches to the chin
-Severely sprained Back, wrist and hand
-Multiple bruised areas.

Proof cats land on their feet

Video footage shows a cat falling from a tall building. What happens will surprise you.

Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes humor

(Source: distinguishedbaloney)