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Things all parents say

If you’re a parent, you have said all of these things. Enjoy the laugh.

Books on parenting.

Should we have another baby?

It’s a question all parents seem to have after they get through the craziness of the first child. Should we, or shouldn’t we have another? The Murrays decided on what to do and put their decision to the music of “Shut Up and Dance” with this clever parody.

Bathroom Changing Tables

bathroom changing table


Check out these baby changing tables.




Things toddlers can get away with that adults can’t

Funny video of things you should just try at the next party you get invited to.

When is it okay to ask a woman if she is pregnant?


If you are expecting, here is how NOT to tell your family.


What I’ve learned after a year of parenting

parenting-finalblog1 parenting-finalblog2 parenting-finalblog3

Create a Target Baby Registry!

CARGO – Short film about a dad who saves his baby daughter

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

I don’t care if you like zombie stuff or not. If you are a parent, you will appreciate this.

Not crying, I just have really bad allergies.

Some prankster changed some road signs in S.C. to read “Zombies Ahead.”
Every time Apple releases something new
Miami Zombie Attack Prank
Zombie Pantyhose


This pregnancy announcement photo is making me uncomfortable.


(via The Whatever)

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