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Visiting Grandma

visiting Grandma

My “boyfriend” keeps taking pictures of me



Here is another…

Poser Selfie

poser selfie


Here’s another


Little Girls Asking A Devastating Question

This video clip represents a collection of genuine videos uploaded by young girls on YouTube asking if people think they are pretty or ugly. Most of these girls are between 5 and 10 years of age.

How do we stop this?

Dying Father Walks His Unmarried Daughters Down the Aisle

dad and daughter

Fred Evan’s was recovering from a double lung transplant when doctors discovered metastatic melanoma. After learning he had just months to live, Fred wanted to surprise two of his daughters and wife with a special gift. An inspiring story of a Father’s love to his family.

Prepare for weeping with snot bubbles.



This is the line for Florida Marlins tickets

In case you are wondering, the Marlins are a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL team. The same team that had the lowest attendance ever recorded at a MLB baseball game.

marlins baseball
Photo via (@joecapMARLINS)

Thanks Junior

Here is a photo of the stadium with about 300 people in attendance back in 2011.

Michael Scott laughing and crying

This is me any given day due to lack of sleep from a crying baby.

Michael Scott laughing and crying
(via Julia Segal Time)