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Seen hanging from the steering wheel of a taxi cab

Spotted in Singapore.

singapore taxi


Dad! This isn’t Google!

Dad hilariously uses Facebook to search for chicken casserole supplies.

Dad not google


Advice from Dad

Advice from Dad



Photo opportunity fail

Special Moment Fail

Dad learns what OMG is

OMG dad


4-year-old Jackson crying at A Great Big World’s “Say Something”

This four-year old heard the song come on, so Dad changed it. But the kid wanted it back on for some reason. So now we get to see the first moment that he has been “moved.” Pretty adorable.

Are you cut out to be a mother?

Good test for soon-to-be dads too.



Welcome home Dad

Welcome home dad


Beware of the moth

Beware of the moth

Michael Scott laughing and crying

This is me any given day due to lack of sleep from a crying baby.

Michael Scott laughing and crying
(via Julia Segal Time)