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Remember OK Soda?

From the FW: Back in 1993, Coke attempted to connect with the disaffected members of Generation X through a soda that was just as snarky and “over it” as they were. With a trendy can designed by graphic novelists Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes, a pithy catchphrase (“Things Are Going to Be OK”) and a vaguely citrus-y taste, OK Soda was unleashed on a few markets around the country. The soda even came with a “manifesto,” with phrases like “What’s the point of OK? Well, what’s the point of anything?” printed on the can. Unsurprisingly, a soda featuring sad-looking Gen X-ers staring you down while you guzzle failed to connect with the public. Coke discontinued the beverage, but it has achieved something of a cult following on the Web.

I always thought it tasted like mop water. Not that I know what mop water tastes like. Shut up.

(via The FW)