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Telekinetic coffee shop prank terrifies customers

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

To promote the upcoming release of the Carrie remake, a fake telekinetic event was staged in front of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop. HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME.


Not Art

Actress Tilda Swinton surprised (I’d use the word disappointed) MoMAs visitors in NYC this Saturday with her unannounced live performance act called The Maybe, that features her on display, sleeping in a glass box.

You know, …art.

not art

NYC Sitcom Map

The amount of shows and movies based in NYC is staggering. As a guy from Minnesota, I always kinda grew tired of seeing everything based in NY or LA. Of course, we have had our share here in Minnesota too. Okay well three: 1. Coach 2. Little House on the Prairie, and 3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. If it weren’t for Tim Allen or The Coen Brothers, we probably wouldn’t have any films based here.

shows based in NYC or Minnesota
(via A Public Flogging)

The Great Northeast Blackout

The Great Northeast BlackoutThe Great Northeast Blackout of 1965 happened on this day, with nine states, as well as two provinces of Canada, hit by a series of power failures that lasted up to 13 hours. In New York City, 800,000 people were caught in the subways, when the blackout struck at rush hour. Though the cause was blamed on human error, many UFO sightings occurred the same night over the area, suggesting to some that their presence was connected to the blackout. (via Coast to Coast Am)