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Worst Church Singer Ever

Singing is NOT one of this guys spiritual gifts. Find out for yourself starting at about the 1:00 mark. I am pretty sure the angels and Jesus wept, but God bless him anyway.

Let’s say grace

I don’t know if I’ll be able to pray before a meal without chuckling now.

Thank you Jesus
(via Blame it on the Voices)

When caller ID comes in handy

Jesus called gravestone


14 year-old kid asks us to deny the existence of the holy spirit

Watch a video of a blasphemous 14 year-old explain why ‘religion is bullsh*t’ and challenge us all to deny the Holy Spirit. Warning: The kid has a foul mouth.

(via YouTube)

Heckler Interrupts Obama and calls him the antichrist

A heckler shouting about Jesus Christ interrupted President Barack Obama at a fundraiser before security dragged him out. As he was removed the man called out that Obama is the antichrist. The President maintained his good composure, but was probably thinking (like me) that now would be a good time for God to do some of that striking-down-upon-thee-with-great-vengeance-and-furious-anger type stuff.


How People View Easter

Here is an interesting in chart explaining how people view Easter.

How People View Easter(via Visual Loop)

If you get raptured, what happens to your pets?

Nearly 40 million people in the U.S. believe there will be a Second Coming in their lifetime, followed by the Rapture. It is said that during this time, the righteous will be spirited away to a better place while the unbelievers remain on Earth. Since the Bible isn’t clear on what happens to our furry little friends, you can now at least have peace of mind that they can be cared for. That is, if you don’t mind they are looked after by (gasp!) atheists.

This is not a joke. An organization exists that recruits non-Christian animal lovers nationwide to volunteer to take care of left-behind pets if the Rapture occurs. You pay a $10 monthly fee to keep your membership and register all your pets.

Geez, I hope they’ll take an unpredictable Ferret with a bad disposition.

Learn more here: http://aftertherapturepetcare.com