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Yes, we scan

yes we scan

“Yes, we scan” – German tabloid Bild’s headline on Obama’s #NSA snooping woes via @jbaetz: pic.twitter.com/qq6vjj18Gy


Alabama resident pretty pissed about the election

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Secret Service.


Credit: Max Oden

Dale County Sheriff’s deputies responded on Thursday to at least one complaint made about an effigy of President Barack Obama displayed on the front porch of a residence with the message “Pray 4 Assassin.” Full story.

He obviously doesn’t realize the consequences of this puts Biden in control.



Wear that “I Voted” sticker proudly America.

Good luck America. No matter who wins, we are in trouble.

Who are you voting for (POLL)?

POLL: Who are you voting for tomorrow?

POLL: Who are you voting for tomorrow?

Tomorrow marks the end of what seems to be the longest Presidential campaign in history. I cannot wait to have this over with. I want my television commercials back to selling beer and new movies. 

I am curious to see where the readers of Duck Duck Gray Duck are at. Take my anonymous poll and see where you stand with others. 


Typo on the ballot for President

Jefferson County (WA) ballot accidentally asks voters to pick a president of the Untied States. Read more.

The typo is seen on the Jefferson County ballot, but the votes still will be counted.

Photo Credit: Peninsula Daily News. The typo is seen on the Jefferson County ballot, but the votes still will be counted.

Other fun election stuff

Pizza shop owner bear hugs President Obama

Pizza shop owner bear hugs President Obama

Upon walking into the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in Ft. Pierce, Fla., Sunday afternoon, President Obama received an enthusiastic greeting by the shop’s owner who wrapped his arms around the president’s back for a bear hug and and lifted him him off the ground.

I was really bothered by this. Seriously, this is a President of the United States! Why would you think this is EVER okay? Dude is lucky the Secret Service didn’t absolutely massacre this guy.

CBS News (w/ video)

Meanwhile, a lady biker sits with VP Biden at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. I have no words.

A lady biker sits on Biden's lap today at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio. via the AP

Pelosi and Boehner photo worth a thousand words

This photo sums up the feeling Democrats and Republicans might be feeling after the Supreme Court ruling yesterday on Obama Care. #SCOTUS (via)

Pelosi and Boehner photo

Source: AP

Dismantling a nuclear bomb

The last of the nation’s most powerful nuclear bombs — a weapon hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima — is being disassembled nearly half a century after it was put into service at the height of the Cold War.

The final components of the B53 bomb will be broken down Tuesday at the Pantex Plant near Amarillo, the nation’s only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. The completion of the dismantling program is a year ahead of schedule, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, and aligns with President Barack Obama’s goal of reducing the number of nuclear weapons.

Full story

Photo By HO/REUTERS 10 hrs ago

(via Bag of Nothing)


Heckler Interrupts Obama and calls him the antichrist

A heckler shouting about Jesus Christ interrupted President Barack Obama at a fundraiser before security dragged him out. As he was removed the man called out that Obama is the antichrist. The President maintained his good composure, but was probably thinking (like me) that now would be a good time for God to do some of that striking-down-upon-thee-with-great-vengeance-and-furious-anger type stuff.


Meanwhile, 14 millions Americans clinging to hope

Joe Biden and John Boehner on tape talking to each other before Obama’s big jobs speech. Does this look like a congress that is concerned about the gravity of 14 million out-of-work Americans?