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“Friends” Recut As A Horror Movie

Enjoy watching one of the “friendliest” sitcoms of all time turn into a nightmare.

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Bachelor party prank: Tricked into believing you are about to bungee jump

He takes the plunge around the 2:30 mark.

Duck Duck Gray Duck Facebook


Spoiler Alert

Everyone will eventually disappoint you. Forgive.

spoiler alert

Friend knocks out his friend to prevent him from driving drunk

Ugh, drunk people who insist on driving are THE WORST! Taking his keys may have been easier, but whatevs. Lives saved. I’m sure dude is icing that face today. LOL!


Cycle of Life

It all happens so fast.
Life Cycle Tree

Facebook effect

Has Facebook improved your relationships?

Has Facebook improved your relationships?

You probably shouldn’t “Like” this picture.
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When girls take group photos

Why do girls do this?

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Shop for dresses that will make you crouch like this at parties.

Come see my band!

Luckily Facebook did not exist when I was in a band. Nontheless, I was guilty of inviting all my friends to some random bar on a Tuesday night at 11 p.m. to see us play a gig. The reality hits you hard when you realize no one wants to see your shitty band.

Here is how that Facebook thread might look for the person you know that’s in a band.

Come see my band
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The most touching suicide prevention thing I have ever seen

If you are thinking about taking your own life, watch this. If you know someone who might be thinking of ending their own life, send them this.

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