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Podcast Part 2: 50 Shades of Gray Duck

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

Valentine’s Day Special: Things get weird with a discussion about love and sex.


  • 1 and 4 admit to having sex at their Gym – Story Here
  • Sex fun facts – Click Here
  • People who use emojis think about sex more often – See the study
  • Man creates a robot with a vag and puts out a craigslist ad to come have sex with it – Weird story here
  • Study Claims To Reveal The Ideal Number Of Sex Partners You Should Have – See the number here
  • How other countries celebrate V-Day – Infographic

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Top 15 Names Most Associated With Crazy Women

top crazy woman names

Using a complex formula of reader write-ins, past experience, and crazy women news stories, and other lists like this, we have compiled a list of names most associated with bat s*** CRAZY women. If your name appears on the list, we are sorry. Please don’t get offended and start getting weird and psycho on us.

1. Alex (Think Fatal Attraction)
2. Tiffany (Probably sleeping with your friend to get back at you)
3. Jody (Too many reasons to list)
4. Allison (Stalking you)
5. Rebecca (Becky) Talks A LOT and really fast
6. Lakeesha (Oh no she didn’t)
7. Christine (Probably se your stuff on fire)
8. Kelly (Weeps…a lot)
9. Jennifer (Said with a Valley Girl accent)
10. Stephanie (Laughs inappropriately and loudly)
11.  Shannon (Probably smacked someone)
12. Angie (Probably super jealous)
13. Lindsey (Drugs and more drugs)
14. Andrea (Charging a ton of s*** on your credit card right now)
15. Heather (Hangs out with your family even after dumped her)

What do you think? Did we miss any names?

A video every married man needs to watch

“Don’t try to fix it. I just need you to listen.” Every man has heard these words. They are the law of the land. This video helps illustrate an ageless conflict.


Whenever the brain and heart fight

brain heart liver





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Advice from Dad

Advice from Dad



Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting



floss 1

floss 2


Advice for 2014

advice7 advice6 advice5 advice4 advice3 advice2 advice1

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