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A True Patriot

A True Patriot


Facebook you and real you

facebook you


Applebee’s is not amused



How to Get a Ton of Comments on Facebook

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Or you can just share a Duck Duck Gray Duck post. 🙂

Dad Fail

When parents friend you on Facebook…

dad fail

More parenting fails here.

Most people don’t realize this

Regarding eating organic, gluten-free foods.

Making a difference with Facebook Likes

This is why I think a Facebook “Like” should cost a quarter if it involves a cause or charity.

Making a difference with Facebook Likes

You win this round, Facebook

Enter in the security check words below, or ask for them in audio form.

Facebook security
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Come see my band!

Luckily Facebook did not exist when I was in a band. Nontheless, I was guilty of inviting all my friends to some random bar on a Tuesday night at 11 p.m. to see us play a gig. The reality hits you hard when you realize no one wants to see your shitty band.

Here is how that Facebook thread might look for the person you know that’s in a band.

Come see my band
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It worked!

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