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Cycle of Life

It all happens so fast.
Life Cycle Tree

Would you like to have dinner some night?

Garth from Wayne’s World has trouble reading women.

Garth from Wayne's World has trouble reading women.

(via Reddit)

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Would you like to dance?

This pick-up line should elicit a smile at the very least.

Would you like to dance

Wife tells husband she knows

This woman had a wonderful way to tell her husband she found about his cheating.

cheating billboard

The cold hard truth from PBS painting guy Bob Ross

Bob Ross from the PBS show The Joy of Painting has a message for you about your dating life. (via)

Bob Ross

Application for a night out with the boys

We have all known some guys that required something like this. (via)

Application for a night out with the boys

A book that ruins marriages

If you have this book on a shelf at home, it’s time to have a book burning party.

A book that ruins marriages