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Why I’m NOT a fan of soccer

Um, please stop that.

Why I'm NOT a fan of soccer
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Super Bowl Snipers

Most major sporting events have tight security and threat elimination tactics we usually never see. It’s good to know we are being protected.

football security
football security
football security
football security


Steven Tyler Sings National Anthem

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sang the National Anthem before 2012 AFC Championship Game. Did he nail it or fail It?

Pittsburgh mayor forced to “Tebow” for the camera

From CNN

Pittsburgh’s mayor knelt down in defeat on Tuesday, donning a Denver Broncos No. 15 jersey and “Tebowing” in front of the Steel City’s skyline to pay off a bet he made with the mayor of Denver over the Steelers-Broncos playoff game….

“This is not something I ever thought I’d have to do, and it certainly wasn’t something I was looking forward to,” Ravenstahl said. “However, we’re good sports here in Pittsburgh, and I want to congratulate Denver on a great win.”

And a great win it was…


Source: WPXI

Getting a pair

bar-nouculars flask


How badly do you want to watch Monday Night Football?

How much do you want to watch Monday Night Football? The new “Is It Monday Yet?” campaign has started.

Pull a Randy Moss

Randy Moss announced his retirement today. Moss’ 153 TD catches are tied for the most among current players with Terrell Owens. With his retirement comes the end of an unforgettable era in Minnesota Vikings football.

The two most prolific offenses in NFL history had one thing in common…Randy Moss. This song and footage sums it up quite well.

Straight cash homie.

How long before he unretires?