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Breaking News: Washington Redskins to change name


The Fainting Goat

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your well-meaning high school football prank of the year. This is being called “The Fainting Goat.” The Vikings will probably demonstrate this a lot this season. 

Thanks Junior!

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 Game Day Commercial

I got excited when Minnesota was mentioned in this ad. How lame am I?

Football fail

Football fail

Peyton Manning’s Turnovers

Peyton Manning's Turnovers

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After further review, touchdown celtics!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Packers, but that call last night was atrocious. They seriously got robbed.

I would hate to be Roger Goodell’s secretary today.

After further review, touchdown celtics!

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NFL replacement refs

These image of Jay Cutler pretty much sum it up.

These image of Jay Cutler pretty much sum it up.
(via Smokin’ Jay Cutler)

NFL’s Brian Cushing under the helmet

A montage of Brian Cushing’s greatest verbal hits from an NFL game last season. Word of advice: Don’t take off your helmet to headbutt somebody.


September baseball

Funny what happens once football starts.

Minor League Guy On Third

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2012

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2012

Fantasy football has been labeled as “Nothing but Dungeons and Dragons for jocks,” yet the $800-million industry seems to be doing just fine despite the criticism.

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Funny Fantasy Football hats and shirts.

Here they are in no particular order:

Revis and Butt-Head
Moons over my Tamme
Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe
Colt Forte-Five
Double Dwyane Bowe
Arian Foster the People
Henne Given Sunday
Cassel Greyskull
Joe Buck Yourself
I’m thinking RBs
Suh Girls, One Cup
Drinkin’ Fortes
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
James Starks of Winterfell (Does the Packers running back watch Game of Thrones?)
Show Me Your TDs
Breaking Bademosi (The Browns cornerback has to be a fan of Walter White.)
The Gould Standard
I Pitta the Fool
Just a Big Roos
Tonsil Shockey
Makin’ It Wayne
Stephen Cooper Advertising (The Chargers pass rusher has to like Mad Men.)
Jersey Leshoure
Jake’s Hurt Locker
The Road Wilfork
The Big Legursky (The Steelers right guard plays by the rules.)
Cruz Control
Revis and Butthead
Red Hot Julius Peppers
My Mornhinweg Jacket
The Celek Few
Succop to the Boss (I’m sure the Chiefs teammates get along well with Romeo Crennel.)
Snyder’s Cash for Clunkers
Golden Tate Bridge
A Boy Named Suh
In the Garden of Weeden
Vinatieri Strokes (The legendary kicker has to watch The League.)
Coples Therapy
The Blair White Project
Joe Adams Family
Ginn and Juice
Planet Alterraun (The Titans defensive back has to love Star Wars.)
Flacco Seagulls
Get a Kluwe
All Torian Vehicle
Madu Men
Skeltons in the Closet
Drayton Florence and the Machine
Ming the Mercilus (Is the Texans rookie a fan of Flash Gordon?)
Never Forsett
DeMarco Polo
Jacquizz Show
Taken to the Woodhead

A few extras…

The Red Barron (Bama fans can substitute crimson.)
Belichick Yo Self
Sergio Kindle Fire
Corn on the Kolb
Fitzgerald and the Tantrums
Insane Clowney Posse
Dontay Moch Draft
Nate Potter and the Nocturnals
Press Your Luck
Scobee Snacks

Do you have any good ones? Let’s hear it!

(via Bleecher Report and Athlon Sports)

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