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Actual billboard that appears in rural counties in north Florida

Seriously. What is wrong with you Florida?

florida incest billboard


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Life sucks for the guy named Jorge Zimmerman

Not the real "George Zimmerman"

Not the real “George Zimmerman”

Many may hate George Zimmerman, but I think we can all feel sorry for poor Jorge Zimmerman. The Rhode Island man has literally been chased off the Internet after his Facebook account was flooded with hate messages following the verdict of the other Zimmerman. “I didn’t know who these people were,” Jorge said. “I got messages like … watch your back, just watch yourself.” Apparently these people were too angry to realize that this Zimmerman’s first name was spelled differently, he doesn’t live in Florida and he looks nothing like the man whose face has been broadcast nonstop for the past few weeks. “I had to deactivate my [Facebook] account,” he said. “I just wanted to be left alone.” (via MSN vi Source)

Florida Men

Florida Men

Santorum captivating audiences

Mr. Santorum captivated audiences at the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach recently.It’s over dude. Hang it up.

Source: Stephen Crowley