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Florida “dealing” with cold temps

Minnesotan’s are like “huh”? Continue reading

Actual billboard that appears in rural counties in north Florida

Seriously. What is wrong with you Florida? Continue reading

This is the line for Florida Marlins tickets

Get ’em While They’re Hot! Continue reading

Florida Men

Wow, just wow. Continue reading

Florida’s Best Mugshots

Proof why Florida is a sunny place for shady people. Continue reading

Florida Gators football fan brings the creep

I wonder what this dude is dressing up as for Halloween? Continue reading

Can Marketing Help the Florida Marlins?

The FL Marlins played the Washington Nationals on 9/12/07. Only about 400 people attended. Is this a marketing problem? Continue reading


Videos of people tripping balls on the new drug Flakka

A collection of the craziest Flakka drug videos. Continue reading

What happens when you kiss a venomous water moccasin?

This is what happens. Continue reading

The Nashville formula for country songs

An aspiring songwriter in Nashville who couldn’t seem to get a bite from the “gate keepers” decided to do a mashup of 6 popular country songs to see how similar they were. Continue reading