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Actual billboard that appears in rural counties in north Florida

Seriously. What is wrong with you Florida?

florida incest billboard


More Florida stuff.


Application to date my daughter

Application to date my daughter

Things all parents say

If you’re a parent, you have said all of these things. Enjoy the laugh.

Books on parenting.


Husband-Jokes-02 Husband-Jokes-03 Husband-Jokes-04 Husband-Jokes-05 Husband-Jokes-07via 22 Words


Dad Fashion for the 4th of July




Ask your doctor today if “NOT HAVING KIDS” for you.

Warning for parents with a daughter

This dude exists and is out there undoubtedly getting creepier by the second. Show this to your daughters and tell them he will be on the news one day. Please share with other parents. Sorry for the daymares. 

Awesome LED Halloween costume for a toddler

This is especially wonderful considering how toddlers walk.

Shop children Halloween costumes here.

The saddest daytime talk show moment ever

In an old episode of Jenny Jones titled “Boot Camp My Pre-Teen,” a young boy melts the heart of a drill instructor and sent to teach the boy some respect and discipline. Probably the saddest moment caught on video during a show like this. 

(via Reddit)



There was also this one.