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Never Nude?

Trend spotting at the grocery store. Never Nude?

never nude


Top Unisex Names of 2013

The Top 20 Unisex Names so far this year are:

1. Quinn

2. Rowan

3. Sawyer (huh?)

4. Kai

5. Avery

6. Charlie

7. Emery

8. Emerson

9. Elliot (huh?)

10. Finley

11. Rory

12. Riley

13. Marlowe

14. River

15. Sagen

16. Remy

17. Ellis

18. Teagan

19. Reese

20. Peyton

Please don’t let this be a thing

Car lashes.

car lashes


This must stop

I will never buy your book dude. Just stop.

this must stop
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Body-suits freaking out residents in Woodbury

Source: MonkeyMyshkin

So I guess there is a place in the U.S. where full-body spandex suits are trendy. That place? South St. Paul, Minn.

Here is a recent report from the Woodbury, MN police blotter. Seems like this fashion is freaking people out. I don’t blame them. I saw two guys like this when I was walking to a parking ramp the other night after a Twins game. They made me uneasy and I kinda wanted to punch them.


Has anyone else seen this out in public before? Are you one of these people? Fess up! You can buy your own spandex suit here. 

full-body spandex suits

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Giant Googly Eyes

Buy some Giant Googly Eyes and start eye bombing things.

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