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Burning my hair off: Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Her reaction is awesome.

If you hate a cold toilet seat

cold toilet seat

Cool DIY dog house idea

Here is a cool idea for the space under your stairs if you own a dog.

dog house in wall


How to fold fitted sheets

How to fold fitted sheets


There, I fixed it

If your doorbell is broken, try this.

Funny sign to use when your doorbell is broken.

Gutter Garden

Want to grow a salad garden but have no room? Try gutters! Affix them to a fence and slope them for drainage.

Gutter Garden

Start out by buying gutter downspout extensions or re-purposing old gutters from a house and attaching them to a fence with screws or clips. Drill holes for drainage and hang at a slight angle. 

Buy gutter downspout extensions here.

downspout extension

Check out other cool gardening tools here.

DIY picnic table drink chiller

Replace a board in your picnic table with rain gutter. It’s a great way to keep the beverages cool this summer. Voilà! Shop wine here.

DIY picnic table drink chiller

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How to Turn a Glove into a Chipmunk

One lonely glove + these easy instructions = Chipmunk. PDF loads a bit slowly. Be patient.

How to Turn a Glove into a Chipmunk
(via Curbly)

How to build a privacy computer monitor

Now you can freely look at anything you want without people staring. And by “anything you want,” I mean pictures and videos of baby ducks.

Learn how to build one here.

Thanks Bag of Nothing.

Minnesota team wins Red Bull’s Creation event

Red Bull’s annual Creation event involved 16 teams from across the country who came together for three days of high stakes innovation with the city as their playground. A secret warehouse in Brooklyn full of tools, materials and hardware hackers were given the task of building a creation designed to move the weight of a person (100lbs) from point A to point B without using any fossil fuels. They had 3 days. The winning team is named 1.21 Jigawatts, and they are from Minneapolis.

They created a massive hamster wheel, wired into a mobile network, given its own phone number that could somehow receive up to 60,000 one-word text messages at a time. Once it received the text message, the hamster wheel would actually roll and perfectly print the word out along the ground. Grand prize – $5k. Pretty cool huh?

Thanks for the great pictures CoolThings.com and MaximumTech.

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