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“Apparently,” this 5-year-old is going viral

noah ritter

5-year-old Noah Ritter from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will make you smile today. “Apparently,” he has never been on the news before.

Awesome viral Subaru ad

In what appears to be a viral Subaru ad, a woman runs over a dog with her car. Then something unexpected happens.

Wait for it…


Burning my hair off: Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

Her reaction is awesome.

Mouse Released By Cadet

A cadet at military academy captured a mouse in his dorm, and decided to do the right thing and free the little guy in the wild. But after just moments of breathing the air of freedom, nature does what it does.

Chatroulette Love Song

Have you seen and heard the Chatroulette Love Song yet? It has 1 million+ views so far. Takes awhile to get going, but it’s worth watching all of the way through. He (and his friends) put a lot of thought in the elaborate live video they create. This guy claims to have helped plan the video and explains how they did it.