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First Look: Bryan Cranston as LBJ

Production is now underway on the HBO Films production, and we have a first look photo of Bryan Cranston as LBJ, in which the actor is completely unrecognizable.

The show begins as he takes the oath in the wake of President Kennedy’s assassination, moves through the escalation of the Vietnam War and chronicles his struggle to balance opposing interests to launch his landmark civil rights bill and win election to his first full presidential term. They have not announced a release date yet.

Here’s the photo of Bryan Cranston in All the Way, from People Magazine:

Lyndon B. Johnson Bryan Cranston



Who ya think this guy is voting for?

Trump 2016!!!

Trump 2016!!!

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WTF America!

bush clinton meme

clinton-bush laughing

George H. W. Bush undergoing heart test




Wear that “I Voted” sticker proudly America.

Good luck America. No matter who wins, we are in trouble.

Who are you voting for (POLL)?

The Trouble with the Electoral College

Why the electoral college is not democracy and should be abolished.

POLL: Who are you voting for tomorrow?

POLL: Who are you voting for tomorrow?

Tomorrow marks the end of what seems to be the longest Presidential campaign in history. I cannot wait to have this over with. I want my television commercials back to selling beer and new movies. 

I am curious to see where the readers of Duck Duck Gray Duck are at. Take my anonymous poll and see where you stand with others. 


Chris Rock’s Special Message for White Voters

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Chris Rock stand up here.

Is it my right NOT to vote?


For the first time in my life, I am seriously considering staying home on election day.  I am opting-out of the political process.  I have come to believe “freedom” to choose who runs our country is an illusion and that American society has no real choice in who becomes President. These two candidates we have today were bought and paid for long ago.

The electoral college is bullshit. The current system of “winner takes all” in each state warps presidential elections. Through polling, candidates and media divide the country into red and blue states, and those categorized as “swing” acquire the attention. A Washington Post analysis shows the 2012 election will be decided by roughly 916,643 “undecided” voters in six swing states.

Consider me “decided.” I have decided to sit at home, pour some Grey Goose over ice, and exercise my right NOT to vote.  Am I wrong? 

At the White House this morning

“Mr. President, We should really get going.”

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