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Never Foret

Never Foret


Idiots doing what they do.

Another idiot giving responsible gun owners a band name

Nunya Beeswax

Watch this video of a gun rights enthusiast antagonizing the public and local police in an effort  to demonstrate his “rights.” The man was carrying a rifle on his shoulder outside Lamphere High School in Madison Heights, MI that prompted a school lockdown.

It’s people like this that make responsible gun owners cringe. This guy clearly has no common sense and is totally insensitive to the school shooting phenomena we are experiencing in America today.

He isn’t helping any cause. He is a moron. He is lucky the police haven’t shot him yet.

via Garage Logic

Girls joke about 9-11 on Facebook

These idiots need to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

twin towers

2nd Amendment Fails

Guns in the hands of idiots.

Alabama resident pretty pissed about the election

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Secret Service.


Credit: Max Oden

Dale County Sheriff’s deputies responded on Thursday to at least one complaint made about an effigy of President Barack Obama displayed on the front porch of a residence with the message “Pray 4 Assassin.” Full story.

He obviously doesn’t realize the consequences of this puts Biden in control.