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Bryant McKinnie’s bar tab and other things that cost $100k

B McKinnie

It was revealed the other day that Minnesota Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie partied down with celebs at a posh Hollywood nightclub recently. The bar tab? $100k. I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money even if I had it, but to each their own, right?

Lets take a look at other things with a $100k price tag.

  • A promoted trend on Twitter for 24 hours costs about $100k and brands like Coca-Cola and AT&T are buying
  • Panasonic 103-inch HD 3D plasma TV
  • $100k per second is about what an advertiser paid to run a commercial during the Super Bowl earlier this month.
  • The 7-Series BMW costs about $100k if you have some serious negotiating powers.
  • You can franchise a Drifter’s Hanburgers fast-food joint 

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