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The astrological sign most likely to be a serial killer is…

Criminologists know that many serial killers share the same personality characteristics. But are they also astrologically aligned? David Jester, a British author, spent two years researching the zodiac signs of the most notorious serial killers and found out that those who are a Taurus (born April 24 and February 18) racked up the most kills. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Negative traits of Taurus include being slow and plodding, stubborn, and intimidatingly angry when provoked. Click here to see the infamous serial killers connected to this Zodiac sign.

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David Jester

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The Jeffrey Dahmer Files film

Who online daters fear meeting the most

online dating fears

Well maybe if more of you ladies were homicidal maniacs, we wouldn’t be so shallow.

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Save the date!

CHARLES-MANSON star Charles-Manson-and-Star

Sorry ladies, but Charles Manson is officially off the market.

Mass murderer Charles Manson plans to marry a 26-year-old woman who left her Midwestern home and spent the past nine years trying to help exonerate him.

Afton Elaine Burton (who also goes by the name “Star”), said she loves the man convicted in the notorious murders of seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

Here is a read on how her father is taking the news.

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The Jeffrey Dahmer Files film

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

What drives a seemingly mundane man to commit a series of acts so heinous that it captured the attention of a horrified nation? In the summer of 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and sentenced to 957 years in prison for killing 17 people and dismembering their bodies. THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES is a film that explores this Midwestern city by meeting those surrounding Dahmer during and after his hidden spree. Recollections from Milwaukee Medical Examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, Police Detective Patrick Kennedy, and neighbor Pamela Bass are interwoven with archival footage and everyday scenes from Dahmer’s life, working collectively to disassemble the facade of an ordinary man leading an ordinary existence.

Check listings and VOD.

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Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer

The last meals of executed criminals

Every prisoner waiting to be executed is granted a last meal. Prisoners waiting to die choose their last meal for different reasons. Some choose from past memories, while others feast on what they crave at the moment. Such fascinating details surrounding the final hours before being put to death are a matter of public record and are the inspiration for this series of photographs by photographer Jonathon Kambouris titled “The Last Meals Project.” Look at them all here. (via)

The Last Meals ProjectThe Last Meals Project