Top 10 Names of Douchebag Guys

Top 10 Names of Douchebag Guys



“Douchiest” Guys Names

15. Nick – Still has a severely crinkled poster of Pamela Anderson under his bed
14. Jeff – Might even spell it “Geoff” and wears a lot of Axe
13. Erik with a K – Black thick framed glasses and with an MBA from DeVry
12. Cody – Wears a Monster Energy drink hat and dates 14 year olds
11. Paul – Probably peeking in your windows right now
10. Wayne – Wears one of those Bret Michaels cowboy hats and is obsessed with Zac Brown Band
9. Adam – You invited him to your party and he stole your iPod
8. Brody – Has a neck tattoo and mainlines Creatine
7. Thad – Rips on gays, but is always shirtless around his bros
6. Xander – Wears skinny jeans and a man bun
5. Curt – Wears bow ties to be ironic
4. Chet – Stole your girlfriend after she went boating on his Dad’s yacht
3. Troy – Is bald and has a popped collar on a pink Polo shirt
2. Chad – Vapes (aka Douche Flute) and cries himself to sleep after jerking off
1. Blake – Wears a small TapOut shirt and wants to arm wrestle EVERYONE

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